Pete Berwick
 New album coming in 2015 on Little Class Records
Little Class Records would like to welcome Pete Berwick to the roster. Pete is a well seasoned troubadour who is considered to be a pioneer in the early Cowpunk movement of the 80's/90's. He'll be swinging thru the first week of April to cut a record at Electric Cat Studios with some of our star players. This will be Pete's first full length album in 5 years and we're proud to be a part of it. Pete is truly a gem of a songwriter. Poke around his website, learn and listen! You quickly see why we jumped at the chance to work with Pete Berwick.
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 "Last of the hardcore troubadours." - Nashville Songwriters Association.

"Imagine Bob Dylan's blues mixed with the urgency of Social Distortion and The Clash, and you just might get an idea of Pete Berwick." - Atomic Leg Magazine Pete Berwick
"Berwick is equal parts Johnny Cash, Steve Earle, Jack Kerouac, and James Cagney marinated in whiskey and gasoline.” --Tom lounges, 89.1 FM
Northwest, Indiana

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